Mother Language

Pedagogic content

  • Learn the NATO phonetic alphabet
  • Make it easier to spell words during the communication


No specific requisites

New competencies targeted

Students will be able to:

  • Avoid miscommunications
  • Learn how to use a phonetic alphabet



The teacher prints and delivers a phonetic alphabet card for each student


The teacher gives an introduction about the phonetic alphabet and its history (when, why, who...) etc. Goal is to have things unambiguous and as clear as possible in the presence of radio interference or other poor audio conditions.


The teacher speaks the Alphabet around the class forwards and backwards, picking letters at random. Repeat them over and over. Concentrate on the ones they find hardest, not just the ones they are sure of.


The teacher speaks until they produce it automatically and instantly.


The teacher spells out his/her name, and then ask students to spell out their names.


The teacher selects ten random words and ask students to spell them using the phonetic alphabet.


The teacher uses it as a homework or out-of-class exercise. But come back at other times for review and consolidation

Additional Info

Type of Activity: Experimental activities, Game
Target Audience: From 11 years old
Place: Classroom, Outdoor activity
Material need: NATO phonetic alphabet card
Duration of Activity: PREPARATION:

30 minutes


8 to 12 hours

Authorship and ressources conditions to use: IIS Garibaldi No authorization required
Note by Author:


Topic of this Experiences: Maritime Economy
Additional resources: Pdf Version