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Pedagogic content

  • Blue economy
  • Economic sector
  • Traditional activities: fishing, aquaculture, etc.


No specific requisites

New competencies targeted


  • Know the economic activities of a port and its organization
  • Find your way on the map of a place



Collect the authorization forms signed by the parents of all students to participate to the visit.


Choose a port near from the school which includes various economic activities: boating, professional fishing, tourism activities etc.


Download and print a map of the port (usually available for all ports) on the Internet, or from an online mapping service (Maps type). If necessary a sketch can be made.


Find from the online mapping site, the various important places in the port: harbor master’s office, boats’ yards (fishing, boating, trade), gas station, repair yard, nautical base etc.


Take in reference the elements of the chapter on maritime economy.


Organize the class excursion in the port (by foot or by school transportation).


Give each student a map or sketch of the port.


Field visit: Start the visit with the presentation of human activities in the port (with a fisherman or a guide) then the port activities [i.e.: boating, tourism, sports and leisure, traditional and port activities etc.].
Ask students to find these places and write them down on the map.


Classroom activity: Make groups of 4 students and ask them to carry out the port plan with all the human activities which they will categorize (tourism, traditional activities etc.). Other types of activities, not visited, can be added by students.

Additional Info

Type of Activity: Experimental activities
Target Audience: From 11 years old
Place: Classroom, Outside space
Material need: Harbor map 
Duration of Activity: IMPLEMENTATION:

3 hours 2 hours on the field1 hour in class

Authorship and ressources conditions to use: Petra PatrimoniaNo authorization required
Note by Author:

This activity can be extended by group or class presentation work, such as making a model to be shown to parents at the end of the year. Sometimes there are associations or guides who offer the discovery of port: inquire with tourist office.

Topic of this Experiences: Maritime Economy
Additional resources: Pdf Version