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Pedagogic content

  • Ecosystem services
  • Littorization issues
  • Human activities impacts
  • Protected natural areas


Knowledge about ecosystem services (Definition on the FAO website, available in English, French and Spanish).

New competencies targeted


  • Observe and understand the concept of coastal ecosystem services
  • Identify four types of services provided by ecosystems: provisioning, regulatory, support and cultural services
  • Improve their ability to do map-reading and collect spatialized data
  • Understand the importance of marine and coastal resources conservation
  • Develop a critical approach



Select one or more coastal geographical area(s) including areas of human activity (cities, ports) AND protected areas (natural reserves, protected lagoons, Natura 2000 areas, Ramsar sites, marine parks etc.).


Example of geographical areas: Biguglia lagoon (Corsica, France).


Print a detailed map of the selected geographical area(s) from internet or on an online map service.


The teacher introduces the main concepts on urbanization and the coastal artificialization helped with the O1 draft. Then, he/she presents ecosystem services using the definition on the United Nations Agriculture and Food Organization website [link 1] and provides to the students the list of ecosystem services available on the website [link 2].


The teacher split the class in groups of 4 persons and gives a map to each group, asking them to identify and list human activities pressures and protected natural areas on the identified geographical area.


The teacher asks to the 4-students groups to search on internet and list the ecosystem services provided by the protected natural area(s).


The teacher introduces the debate asking to the students to define which of these services can be useful to fight the human activities pressures identified previously.


Each group works on a presentation (paper or ppt) to expose its information research on the ecosystem services provided in the corresponding selected area.

Additional Info

Type of Activity: Debate, Information research
Target Audience: From 12 years old
Place: Classroom
Material need: Detailed maps (on internet), computer or resources
Duration of Activity: IMPLEMENTATION:

2 to 4 hours

Authorship and ressources conditions to use: CPIE Bastia U Marinu No authorization required
Note by Author:

This activity can be carried out following the activity “Discovery of a port and its human activities” in the Maritime Economy chapter.

Topic of this Experiences: Coastline Artificialization
Additional resources: Pdf Version