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Pedagogic content

  • Littoralization risks
  • Shoreline aggravating factors
  • Environmental and economic issues
  • Coastline management and solutions


Knowledge about artificialization, urbanisation and littoralization (O1 draft).

New competencies targeted


  • Observe and understand concepts of coastline artificialization
  • Identify risks, challenges and prospects of coastal artificialization
  • Group, classify and assemble coastline artificialization concepts by themes creating links
  • Develop information research through team work
  • Develop argumentation and communication
  • Listen to and respect the other students’ advices



Print the cards below in A4 format and cut them out.


Have large sheets to put cards on them.


Prepare the class in a way to place cards on a large table.


Teacher remembers some main notions about artificialization, urbanization and littoralization helped with the O1 draft.


Teacher gives to the students the set of cards distributed equally and ask everyone to read his/her card(s). One after the other, they put their cards on the table grouping them according to their own criteria.


Teacher lets students debate around the cards concepts in order to helps them in grouping the cards according to the following thematics: risks, aggravating factors, environmental issues, economic issues and prospects.


The students debate and re-arrange the cards by themes creating links between them.


The students provide a panorama on coastline artificialization being aware of the diversity of risks and the complexity of the challenges.

Additional Info

Type of Activity: Debate, Game
Target Audience: From 12 years old
Place: Classroom
Material need: Printer, markers, larger paper and the 35 card
Duration of Activity: IMPLEMENTATION:

1/2 hour

Authorship and ressources conditions to use: CPIE Bastia U MarinuNo authorization required
Note by Author:

The list of card concepts is non-exhaustive. The teacher could let students search for definition of each card.

Topic of this Experiences: Coastline Artificialization
Additional resources: Pdf Version