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Pedagogic content

  • Trade
  • Tools
  • Building materials
  • Traditional boats


To develop the activity the students are required to have basic computer skills (PowerPoint, Genially, Prezi, Canva, etc.).

New competencies targeted


  • Learn about the ancient trade of traditional shipbuilders.
  • Know the tools used.
  • Know the different types of wood.
  • Know the main traditional wooden boats.
  • Make a presentation using specific software.
  • Introduce the presentation in public.



Previous to the implementation of this activity, the teacher will contact a workshop of shipbuilders in the area to prepare the study visit.


Request a parental authorization to go for a study visit to shipbuilder’s workshop.


Study visit to a traditional workshop of shipbuilders to learn about the trade, the tools, traditional wooden boats and types of wood.


Back to the classroom, students will be gathered in groups. Apart from the information obtained during the study visit, they will search in Internet for more information on the trade and traditional wooden boats in other countries in the Mediterranean.


In accordance with the findings obtained, each group will prepare a presentation using software like PowerPoint, Genially or Canva and will introduce it to their classmates.


A debate will be opened after the presentations on the current situation of the trade, the importance of its future preservation and the conservation of traditional wooden boats.

Additional Info

Type of Activity: Information research, Oral presentation, Observation, Teamwork
Target Audience: From 11 years old
Place: Classroom, Workshop of shipbuilders
Material need: Mobile
internet access and electronic board
Duration of Activity: PREPARATION:
  • Look for information to explain the subject to students: 1 hour.

Study visit to a traditional workshop of shipbuilders: 3 hours. Searching for information and preparation of presentations: 3 hours. Oral presentation: 1 hour. Debate: 1 hour. Total: 8 hours.

Authorship and ressources conditions to use: Technical staff in Environmental Education at Sustainability and Environment Department of Consell de Mallorca. Registration or authorization of use is not required.
Note by Author:

The aim of this activity is that students learn about the trade, tools and materials and discover the main traditional wooden boats.They will become aware of the importance of preserving traditional trades and the protection of maritime heritage.They will be able to search for information, classify and present it.

Topic of this Experiences: Cultural Heritage
Additional resources: Pdf Version