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Pedagogic content

  • Marine pollution
  • Environmental impact of cruises in the Mediterranean
  • Solutions to the environmental problems generated by cruises
  • Environmental sustainability


Good skills on computer tools

New competencies targeted


  • Research on marine pollution caused by cruises in the Mediterranean: greenhouse gas emissions, waste pollution, greywater, acoustic pollution, etc. Lack of regulation of cruises activities.
  • Find information about this issue on the Internet, books, journals, etc. and classify, order and relate it.
  • Work in teams and draft conclusions on the information obtained.
  • Prepare a final report in groups (reporting and submission of the data collected).
  • Use computer resources properly, such as educational applications and the Internet to complete the task.
  • Express themselves clearly.
  • Learn from themselves and their classmates, by working in groups and overcoming the difficulties that may arise.



The teacher should create a YouTube channel.


The teacher should dedicate a class session to teach students how to use the video editing application.


The class will be divided into groups of 4 or 5 students each.


Each group will research the proposed topic.
They will have to take into account some of the following issues:

  • Greenhouse gases emissions.
  • Pollution of the sea, ports and acoustic pollution.
  • Tourism massification vs economic development of the regions.

They will draft a script which will include:

  1. A cover page with the title of the report and names of the teamwork.
  2. An index.
  3. An introduction summarizing the work done and reasons to support it and a brief explanation of what they have learned.
  4. Documents and material consulted: Collection of all the material they have used in their research such as films, books, encyclopedias, journals, websites, etc. (It must have a title, date and a brief comment or description).
  5. Self-evaluation and achievement of the objectives: a reflection of the whole process to see if they have achieved the task objectives.

Each group has to submit the work to the teacher


Once the teacher approves the proposal, they can start recording the newscast.


Once assigned roles within the teamwork members (presenter, screenwriter, filmmaker, cameras... ) they start recording.

The students will be free to use their creativity in the elaboration of the newscast.

They can include images, websites, live Twitter news, videos, write titles and text, etc.


Recorded videos will be uploaded to the dedicated YouTube channel (Tutorial: and displayed to the students. From the newscasts done by the students, it will open a discussion to reflect on the problem of cruises.

Additional Info

Type of Activity: Information research, Oral presentation
Target Audience: From 14 years old
Place: Classroom
Material need: Mobile phone, tablet or computer, internet access.
Duration of Activity: PREPARATION:

1 hour to explain to the students the use of video editing application.

  • 1-2 sessions for research of information and materials to create the newscast.
  • One session to draft the script.
  • One session to record videos.
  • One session to present the recorded newscasts and open a discussion.

Total: 4-5 hours.

Authorship and ressources conditions to use: Technical staff in Environmental Education at Sustainability and Environment Department of Consell de Mallorca. Registration or authorization of use is not required.
Note by Author:

In order for the activity to meet the objectives set and the key competences consolidated, it is important that students become aware of the environmental, social and economic issues of the topic to be addressed.

Regarding the methodology, it is important that the student becomes the protagonist of their own learning. It is for this reason, that we propose an activity in which they are the ones who must look for the information, filter the one they believe is most suitable and agree with the rest of the group's partners to achieve success.

The whole process must be done under the supervision of the teacher who will be guiding and helping them to achieve the objectives.

The realization of the different reports and all the previous work, will allow them to develop their communication skills, creativity, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, as well as other skills within the field of new technologies.

Topic of this Experiences: Waste and Pollution
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